Sunday, 18 March 2012

Exciting News - Qwest Award!!

Qwest (Quality Wedding Establishment) is the UK's only governing body for the wedding industry. All members have to pass an assessment covering sixteen categories regarding their business practice and professionalism. 

I'm pleased to say that in February, Katie Byram Photography received the Qwest stamp of approval, and received a certificate, as well as being featured on their website

I met with Louise & Claire from Qwest up at the Just Perfect Wedding and Events Gallery, along with Wendy Reed from By WendyBespoke Stationery at the end of February, to receive my certificate.

Some of the things I discussed with Qwest were how important I feel it is to provide a tailored service to my clients, rather than applying the same format to every wedding, and to give as much a personal approach as possible.

Here is myself and the lovely Wendy (I'm on the right)

To find out more about Qwest, visit the website:  click here.