Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Christening of Heidi-Louise

Back in November, I  had the pleasure of travelling back to my hometown of Huddersfield to photograph this lovely christening. Heidi's Mum & I were at the same school, and by co-incidence, the christening was not only at the same church that I was christened at:

a) It was the same vicar that conducted my ceremony when I was 5 months old
b) The girl who was christened at the same ceremony as mine was in attendance as a guest!
c) The lovely vicar, Phillip got out the huge christening register book and showed me the entry. 

So it was even more of a special day!

There was a real Christmas feel in the church with several trees and decorations already in place. Beautiful hymns were sung and prayers were said. 

Then the guests and family moved to the back to the font, where the baptism took place.

The family and Godparents then moved to the front of the church to say some final words and prayers, and Megan (the big sister) carried the candle. 

We then took a few family photographs, which we did inside the church as Heidi was only 2 months old and it was rather cold outside!

 We then moved to the White Hart Pub, in Denby Dale,  which is a lovely cosy village pub, for the celebrations to continue. 

How gorgeous is this cake? I believe even the little bootie shoes were edible! 

At the celebrations, I got the opportunity to take a few individual photographs of little Heidi, we sat her on a chair with a lovely knitted blanket and with lots of noises and smiling got these cute photographs of her. I love her eyes, so big and blue :-)

Congratulations to Heidi and her family for this special day, It was an honor to be part of it and capture it on camera.

If you are planning a christening, and are interested in booking a photographer to capture the special day, please drop me a line!

Or if you're still not sure about having a photographer there, have a read of this blog entry I posted last year:  Why you should consider hiring a photographer for your child's christening. 

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  1. What a lovely day it must have been for you and the photos are great - they capture the mood really well. The cake is fantastic. I have looked closely at the christening blanket and realise that I have knitted that same blanket quite a few times too.