Thursday, 28 February 2013

Vinny - 3 days old (Newcastle Newborn Photography)

So today, I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this little bundle of gorgeousness, newborn baby Vinny. At just 3 days old, this little man was born 8 whole days late, but made it just in time for his newborn photoshoot with me ;-)

I had a brilliant time photographing both his Auntie Lisa & Uncle Simon's wedding and his Auntie Jackie & Uncle Michael's wedding, both last year. I knew Simon and Lisa were up to something when later at the wedding I was ushered over to speak to them (actually thought I was getting told off for something!)  a few whispers were exchanged as they had the brilliant idea of getting a gift voucher to give to the lovely Aidan & Cheryl who were expecting their first baby.  Of course I was thrilled they asked!   It is always such a pleasure to see and work with this lovely extended family, and to be there in the very beginning to meet Vinny was a complete honour.... and here he is.... 

He was as good as gold, and we captured a mixture of images, including him being gently wrapped up with his Dad's Newcastle United scarf. "The magpie dropped him off, not the stork, the magpie" his Dad said as I was tucking him in. I can tell this boy is going to be football MAD!!

I am looking forward to watching him grow, as I will meet him again in a few months time to capture some updated images of him at around eight months old. No doubt he will have lots of love and cuddles from his adoring family including his army of Aunties and Uncles!! 

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