Thursday, 6 February 2014

Personal Project (One Photo One World)


I've been searching for a personal project to do for a while, but I realised last night I had a project that I started back in 2009 and left on the back burner, so here goes again!

I have set myself a challenge of getting a photograph of myself with one person from every country in the world.... First I had to find out how many countries there actually are, and it seems that due to various disputes there's not a properly defined number, but it seems to be 196 as a general rule.
So that's what I'm aiming for. (I think this is a full list)


I have always loved the idea of travelling, meeting people from different cultures and have both studied abroad and worked with international students. With social media and various technology, we are now more connected than ever, and so this project is a challenge, but do-able, with help!

I hope to make friends a long the way, I hope to learn more, grow more, and feel more connected to our world!

How long will it take me? 

In 2009 I thought if I did one a month it would take twenty years. In the interests of not seeing myself age so much in the photographs (vain photographer) I am now aiming to do this in under 5 years. Possibly less- maybe I can do it in two with the help of people online??

How can you help me? 

Be in my photos! Send me an email:
Spread the word - Tweet my tweets from @katiebyramphoto (Use #1photo1world)
Share this blog on Facebook or Twitter

Tell your friends to get in touch - especially if they are from Angola or Vanuatu!

(I already the following countries ticked off my list: Poland, Malaysia, China, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Kenya, Belgium, Hong Kong, South Korea, The Netherlands, Denmark Switzerland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Scotland, New Caledonia & Australia)

I am just working out the best place to have the gallery of images to view.... and then I will put up what I have so far.

At the moment I am just taking the name, country & a photo with the person but I hope to write up a little backstory/question/interview to go with each one as the project grows.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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