Friday, 4 February 2011

Gorgeous new props for weddings & engagement shoots

So i've got some lovely eye candy for you! Managed to find these little beauties in independent gift shops in the Newcastle area, really pleased with them and can't wait to try out the possibilities for weddings and engagement shoots, think they are going to really add to the photographs well. 

Just wanted to share them with you lovely blog followers. These little hearts are wooden, and are similar to Christmas tree decorations, with a little ribbon hook to hang them up. They would be ideal to have hung on wishing trees, but I guess the possibilities are endless for those with a creative imagination.  For me, I'm going to make some photographs with them in with some of my lovely couples and I have a few different ideas for them.

I especially love this quote, (above) it reminds me of this scene from my favourite movie, Love Actually. 

 Carrying on with the 'Love Actually' theme, I couldn't resist the 'All You Need Is Love' sign above. I'm a big fan of the Beatles music anyway but love the version of the song in the wedding scene in Love Actually (see here) so this wooden sign really reminded me of that. 

Also just on the wooden log beneath the sign in the image above, you can see some lovely little love heart shaped chalk board on sticks. I will be able to work with couples to write something suitable on with chalk and it can be wiped off and reused, to make it personal.

Can't wait to try the props out!

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