Friday, 27 December 2013

2014 Goals/Photography Bucket List!

I always think that setting goals for yourself is really important, as it allows you to think of where you really want to be and then you can work out how to get there. It makes sense really, how can you get there if you don't know where you want to go? 

In 2013 my business developed significantly in terms of specialising in weddings & portraits (& just the very occasional 'other/event' which is always lovely. Learning to say no to requests and pass on things to other photographers who specialised more in other fields helped a lot too. My new years resolution to blog more definitely happened. I do love writing my blog :) 

So where to go from here! Well I am already nearly full with weddings next year as I have always wanted to limit the number of weddings I take on. This is to make sure everyone gets great service,  so that I can also photograph some other things during the year, and also so I don't turn up frazzled and overworked. 

I have an overall photography goal that I've been dreaming of for almost ten years already, and have decided that 2017/2018 is the time that I will be winding down the wedding side of business (still doing some weddings hopefully), limiting them so that I can take on my other exciting project, which shall be kept under wraps until a later date ;-) 

I am writing down some personal and professional goals on paper as well as sharing some on this blog entry.

But as for now, I absolutely love photographing weddings, each one is unique and I enjoy the challenge of the fast pace and capturing such important moments. I am thoroughly looking forward to 2014 which will see me photograph awesome events such as : a wedding in a museum (complete with dinosaur replicas!), a humanist ceremony in woodland, one in a lighthouse, my first civil partnerships,  a couple in the Lake District, returning to my favourite venues for some weddings and exploring new ones for others. Three of my couples for next year are flying in from overseas (Australia, New Zealand and China) and so I can't wait to meet them. 

I also hope to squeeze in a wedding abroad, fingers crossed! 

(See Emma & Dermot's French wedding here!)

Some other things that I will be doing next year are family mini sessions for Mother's Day and also some in October half term again - I love Autumn light!

What else am I keen to do in the near future? Here are a few things, a sort of photography bucket list if you like!

- A wedding (or pre-wedding shoot) in central London .. love this venue (The Asylum)
- Photograph a PROPOSAL!
-I would love to do a pre-wedding shoot in Paris/similar European country (for my couples I'm willing to do this - time dependant - only extra costs should be travel & accommodation!)
-A wedding on/near a loch in Scotland (Eg Here - The Lodge at Loch Goil!)
- A male civil partnership (Or indeed a legal same-sex wedding when they come in in March!)
-A totally alternative wedding like one in the sea/on a boat/in a cave/in a zoo/on a bus/submarine get the idea!!!
-Have another feature in a national magazine..I'm a big kid going to the shops and buying 10 copies!
-My first shoot for the Butterfly Wishes Network that I support.
-To do some more photography for charity - Thinking of running some mini sessions specifically to raise funds for charities close to my heart. I also support the Wedding Wishing Well Foundation which I would be honoured to photograph a wedding for, should the opportunity arise.
-Do some more personal work in a slightly different field of photography eg. landscape/portraits/etc/
-I would love to photograph a camping themed/outdoorsy wedding, especially one at the Bivouac in North Yorkshire, or Pot-a-doodle-do near Berwick.
-Another elopement/secret wedding (See Lewis & Laura's little big day from 2012 here. )
- A themed/fancy dress wedding - why not! I love a bit of craziness!
-More weddings with animals in attendance please! (See Jenny & Lee's wedding here!) 

I think that's everything for now but my interests are not limited to the list above! 

I hope that you all have a fab New Year and hope 2014 brings you loads of luck and happiness whatever you choose to do!

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