Thursday, 27 January 2011

Ethical Wedding Supplier List & other news!

I'm pleased to announce this week that i've signed the pledge to be an Ethical Wedding Supplier on the English Wedding Blog.  It's about giving excellent service to your customers & going the extra mile with them, being friendly to other suppliers, minimising business waste, and generally being an all round 'good-egg'. All the information can be found here. It also means I get a shiney new badge for my website! Hooray!

Speaking of the website - have you seen it recently? It's had a total revamp and I'm really excited about it. It's going to have a mobile version made soon too so you can view on iphone & ipad as well, as I'm always getting emails from Brides to Be with the tell tale "sent from my iphone" on the bottom.

 I've had some great bookings this week i'm really looking forward too and there's going to be a lot of eye-candy amazing photos for your viewing pleasure coming up. Think vintage wedding on a farm coming this summer, and also in 2012, a gorgeous spring wedding with images shot on the beach and possibly even the funfair. All so exciting!

Anyway - enough about weddings. (Hope I haven't lost everyone else already!)

To celebrate the revamp of my website i'm offering 20% off my fantastic Christening/Naming Ceremony Photography Packages, when you book before the end of February, valid anytime in 2011.
I'm going to speak more about these packages in my next blog. If your family are having a Christening this year you won't want to miss it. 


  1. Hi Katie,
    Your new website looks fab and I really appreciate your support for the ethical wedding supplier pledge. Also the use of the words "good-egg" - sums it up perfectly!!!
    Claire x

  2. Thanks Claire for having a great scheme like this :-) I strongly believe in having customer service that goes above and beyond - i'm already helping my brides find wedding cars and i've passed on work to stylists which has helped both the small busines and the bride (who was thrilled she could stop sewing!)

    I hate hearing bad stories from weddings where the photographer was really rude, arrogant, or the pics had no effort at all they just took the money off the clients and gave little care. Makes me cringe because I know I would have put in 100% effort and been positive and enthusiastic! So your pledge is perfect for what I want to do.

    I love your blog :-) x