Monday, 17 January 2011


One of the roles I enjoy most in my life is being a big sister to three fabulous little people. Well one of them is not so little, James is almost 20, and lives in Germany. He is an amazing artist and is studying stone masonary. He makes outstanding sculptures and every one of his pieces make me burst with pride! (See his website here if you're interested!) The other two siblings are twins, Luke and Megan (I was worried for a while I was going to have three brothers!) Doesn't seem two minutes since they were born but now they are 12.

Megan absolutely loves having her photograph taken so I decided to take advantage of this whilst I was visiting. Unfortunately due to time restraints I wasn't able to do an outdoor shoot with her (she's at school during all the daylight hours i'm here!) but i'm going to have a chance next month. I can't wait to do an outdoor shoot with both of them they both love having their photographs taken and are full of energy.

These were just basically capturing a few shots (and her big personality!) in her room. She describes herself as 'half tomboy, half girl', and dancing and sport are big parts of her life. After I took these photos, I was staring at them as I can't quite believe it's the girl who I once could fit in one of my hands. She was 3lb 3 ounces when she was born and people thought she was my doll.

(She told me she was pretending to re-create a retro photo here!) 

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