Thursday, 27 January 2011

A Family Christening/Naming Ceremony - Why should you consider hiring a photographer?

I have recently started to offer photography packages for christenings and naming ceremonies, and people have been pleasantly surprised that they are able to have high quality images similar to that from a wedding, at their child's christening. I am surprised at the number of people who don't realise this service is available and opt to have blurry low resolution mobile phone snaps of their child's special day. I wanted to write a blog about the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional photographer, as it is something that is often overlooked when planning a christening or a naming ceremony.

  • All of your family are dressed up formally and the ladies have their best hats on – having photographs of this occasion means you have some lovely family portraits in more natural setting than in a studio
  • A christening happens once in a child's lifetime. More than likely, they will be too young to remember it, so having photographs they can treasure and look back on is a precious thing.
  • Compact & mobile phones cameras do not generally work in low light in the church, and flash photography is often prohibited, meaning your images are generally blurry. A  photographer has a professional kit meaning they can get gorgeous images in low light.
  • A photographer has experience and 'the eye' of all the creative ways to take your photographs, meaning your images have an arty and stylish feel.
  • Having a photographer there will ensure the christening is a relaxing experience as your main focus can be on your child and your family, whilst knowing the photographer is capturing all of the special candid moments of your day.
  • A professional photographer will have experience in events, weddings and christenings, and quietly blend into the background of the day, ensuring they are unobtrusive in their approach.
  • You will not have to worry about your camera being fully charged or whether you cleared your memory card, your photographer will not only have their main kit, but a back up incase anything goes wrong.
  • Careful planning, effort and money goes into a christening ceremony, and this is a once in a lifetime event for your child. Having a professional photographer means that you have a permanent record of your day for all of your family to look back on for years to come.

To celebrate the new packages I'm offering 20% discount to those who book before the end of February, for anytime in 2011. More details can be found on my website (under the information section) here.

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