Thursday, 17 January 2013

Announcement: Photoshoot Competition Shortlist !!

Hello all! 

To celebrate reaching 1000 fans on Facebook, i've been running a photoshoot competition and had lots of interest and entries for it. I originally decided I would take them to shortlist to 5 entries, but i'm finding it so hard to narrow it down further, and as 7 is my lucky number, I've decided to keep it to a shortlist of 7. Hope no-one minds!! 

So here are the shortlisted entries.... The question was 'Why would you like to win a family or couples' photoshoot. Shortlist is in order of entry. 

1. Becky Maitland-Titterton 
Well, everyone I know on facebook seems to be getting engaged and married. Having no immediate plans to baton myself down with a massive family do/argument, a lovely romantic photo shoot to show my friends that a relationship can be exciting and romantic without a ring would be lovely! Plus, since being shacked up with a Mackem, I love skimming stones at Marsden Beach and loved your photoshoot there!"

2. Karen Eager

 "I have two fantastic teenage children, a gorgeous new husband and am celebrating a milestone birthday today - I want to capture this moment in my life and save it for always - I think you can help me do this Katie x"

3. Karen Olsen

"Would be lovely to have our on location family photoshoot with you as you were one of the first to find out i was pregnant even before our parents"

4. Lorna Taylor

"2012 was a dreadful year for myself and my family. I'd love to start 2013 with a wonderful opportunity of winning this competition and capturing some dearly needed smiles!"

5. Nerissa Clark 

"I'm expecting my first child with my partner Lee and we've been engaged just over a year now so would love the first official family photos to be done by an amazing photographer"
6. Joanne Gibbons

"To have some beautiful, special, family memories that I can treasure. Children grow up so quick & would love to capture a special moment as a family to keep forever."
7. Donna Weiss

"Because we have been together 12 years this year and married 3 years, because of being a volunteer and spending years dedicating my time to voluntary work we didn't have enough money to pay for the professional photos of our wedding day. This is something we really regret not being able to do. We would love a photoshoot to make some memories to be able to keep please, we have no professional photo's of us both together. thank you xx" 

Well done to everyone above, the winner will be chosen with a random number generator and announced tomorrow morning. 

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