Friday, 18 January 2013

Competition Winner!!

So after shortlisting to 7 yesterday, this morning I logged into the random number generator which chose a winner at random from the shortlist (See previous entry!)

So the winner was number 1, who was.... drum roll..

1. Becky Maitland-Titterton 
"Well, everyone I know on facebook seems to be getting engaged and married. Having no immediate plans to baton myself down with a massive family do/argument, a lovely romantic photo shoot to show my friends that a relationship can be exciting and romantic without a ring would be lovely! Plus, since being shacked up with a Mackem, I love skimming stones at Marsden Beach and loved your photoshoot there!" 

Well done Becky! I look forward to seeing you for your photoshoot.

For the other six people who were shortlisted, an email will be on it's way to you shortly, as you have each won a £20 voucher applicable to any of my photography services!... I really liked all of your answers and decided to treat everyone on the list. 

Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition! 

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